Surrounded by the best

Providing sustainable solutions, perfectly integrated into their environment, to every organizations that faces the challenges imposed by waste management. Helping the stakeholders involved in the collection and treatment of waste to simplify and optimize their actions. This is the twofold objective that gave birth to Ecoloxia in 2009.

A first strategic partnership with the Finnish company Lassila & Tikanoja Oy has enabled Ecoloxia to prevail in the sector as distributor of the first semi-buried, front-loading containers in North America. This innovative type of double structure container made of rotationally moulded plastic now creates another avenue for the collection of waste. Thus, Ecoloxia participates in its partners’ and collectors’ profitability and effectiveness by offering them new opportunities forlimiting the cost associated with waste collection operations.

Rethink to optimize

Subsequently, although the product marketed met the market expectation, Ecoloxia wanted to further enhance the efficiency of its containers. It was at this point that the CUBE entered the market, result of ongoing collaboration with its Finnish partner and of its on-the-ground expertise.

This innovative cubic container is robust, airtight and efficient, like any product distributed by Ecoloxia, while preserving the aesthetics of its environment.

Exert full control

In 2015, armed with its expertise accumulated over the years, Ecoloxia undertook a major shift in the conduct of its business and chose to entrust the manufacture of the components for its products to a local company and thenassemble its own containers. Through the expertise of its partner and its own expertise developed over the years, it can exercise a better control over the quality of production and on-time delivery as well as avoid fluctuations in costs associated with the instability of the currency.

Its new manufacturing status allows Ecoloxia to develop a second generation of CUBE, a 100% Canadian product, without compromising on the quality and the aesthetics, while remaining competitive.